How to Structure Your Marijuana Dispensary to Minimize Your Tax Bill

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Many people mistakenly believe that you can set up a marijuana dispensary like any other business for which you can [...]

Don’t Make These Surprisingly Common M&A Mistakes

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You’ve decided to sell your business. Or maybe you’re snatching up a new business—possibly a former competitor. In either case, [...]

Should You Stay on After Your Company Gets Acquired? In What Capacity?

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Building up a company is a breathtakingly difficult affair, requiring tenacity, intelligence, fortitude and more than a bit of luck. [...]

Estate Planning and Proposed New Tax Reform

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T H E   L A T E S T   N E W S : Estate Planning and Proposed New Tax [...]

The Art and Science of Keeping Your Corporate Structure Simple

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Your company’s success depends sensitively its structure. In general, the fewer moving parts, the better. A simple framework allows you [...]

Norm Newmark: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Practical Implications for Business Owners

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By Norman Newman, JD In perhaps the most sweeping healthcare legislation ever enacted in this country, Congress passed and President [...]

Find the Best Lawyer for Your Startup with This Off-the-Record Advice

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Ken Callander’s helps all kinds of startups work with their lawyers. Here he shares secrets for increasing productivity and cutting [...]

AEGIS: Free Estate Planning Consultation

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There are many reasons why everyone should consider estate planning.  Having a good estate plan in place will make sure your [...]