What Does Funding A Trust Actually Mean?

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The terminology “funding a trust” relates to the fact that estate planning documents, whether a will or a trust, don’t work like they are supposed to unless a person’s assets are coordinated with those estate [...]

An Overview Of Living Trusts And Wills

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You have two primary choices for transferring assets upon your death: a will, which is the traditional method, and a living trust. If you die without either a will or a living trust, the state [...]

What Are The Qualities Of A Competent Estate Planning Attorney?

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The qualities of a competent estate planning attorney include having a great deal of experience in the practice of law, having a practice concentration in estate planning, keeping up with the most current laws and [...]

Press Release: AEGIS Expands with New Headquarters

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 25, 2018 Business Law Firm AEGIS Expands with New Headquarters on their 15th Anniversary New Frontenac location embodies firm's growth and business philosophy of valuing clients as friends. AEGIS Professional Services, [...]

Can Digital Assets Be Part Of An Estate Plan?

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First of all, have to define what digital assets are, because people use that term all the time but they’re not all necessarily referring to the same thing. We define digital assets as anything that [...]

What Events Can Trigger A Personal Representative To Get Involved?

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The personal representative of an estate is modern terminology adopted in Missouri and many other states for what used to be called the executor of your estate. The personal representative or executor of your estate [...]